Image 30. The Rusty Lock.

This was the lock on my old garden gate and there's something about rust and the odd but of decay that can be beautiful.

Image 29. Black Swan.

This glorious black Swan lives in the lakes of Leeds Castle in Kent in the south of England. Taylor and I went here on her 16th Birthday and it's well worth a visit.

Image 25. The Houses of Parliament with a dash of colour.

A black and white image of the Houses Of Parliament with Westminster Bridge and the Double Decker etc picked out by hand in colour.

Image size = 9.5 X 10 inches and with the border 16 X 12 inches.

Wave Of Love For Taylor

Image 34. The Ultimate RAWR.

I joked on Twitter once that if your woman has this face, you're probably in trouble! The ultimate RAWR. 

Image 31. The Tree Like Me.

Sometimes, I feel like this tree. Slightly in the shadows. Dark but constantly reaching for the sky which now I only see as a blur. I am uncertain but anchored. Myself.

Once again, thank you so, so much for visiting this site. This is my daughter,Taylor, and this is who you're helping.

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​This mother can't thank you enough xx

Image 33. Light Streaming Into The Tunnel.

Taylor and I visited London Zoo and they have an old tunnel under the park. The light here stopped me in my tracks and I took this. So many tones in one instant that I had no choice but to whip my camera out.

Image 27. Chislehurst Blossom.

The village of Chislehurst, Kent is where I grew up and I have been so pleased to take Taylor here and show her how truly beautiful it is.

​Blossom...we had to finish with blossom!

Image size = 9.5 X 10 inches and with the border 16 X 12 inches.

Image 32. The Broken Tree.

So many of the people I know love trees and this one stood out as it appears to be broken, but it just grew this way. Sometimes we feel broken, but we never truly are.

You can find this tree at Leeds Castle in Kent.

Image 28. The Squirrel Thief.

This guy lives in Greenwich Park and he's a total thief. He jumped in my handbag and stole this sweet, munching it in front of me and Taylor proudly. This makes him fabulous.

Image 26. Halfway up on the London Eye.

I shot this black and white image looking across the structure as I was moving up on my ride on the London Eye.

​Image size = 14 X 9 inches and with the border 16 X 12 inches.